Heim Handcrafted Log Homes and Log Lumber

Words From Ron Heim



Words from Nate Heim

The Heim Log Home business began in 1979 and we're proud to be the second generation to continue our fine log building tradition. Nathan worked with his dad, Ron, from the time he was old enough to peel a log, then began fitting them, and eventually completed a construction management degree. He gained invaluable hands-on knowledge and expertise from master log crafters, and has a never ending desire to learn about other styles and methods construction, the most recent being the traditional style of Norway. His passion for building and living in handcrafted log homes leads him to building for others and continuing the outstanding craftsmanship and personal attention that Heim Log Homes has been known for the past 30 years.

The dream, anticipation, and excitement of having a log home are relived with every house that Heim Log Homes builds. We know from personal experience the joys of living in a handcrafted log home - the warm atmosphere, the energy efficiency, the oohs and aahs each time friends and relatives visit, the massiveness of the logs, the absence of echoes, the secure feeling from the outside elements, and the peace and quiet. We're committed to customer satisfaction, quality, and authenticity. We truly love handcrafted log homes and build every one as if it were our own.