Heim Handcrafted Log Homes and Log Lumber


Wheeler Point Project
This is a 24x36 cabin with a half loft and walk out balcony. It has Hatchet 
faced log ends and is going to be spectacular with plenty of windows!


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Here we have laid the first two rows of logs. It is important to put the biggest logs down first and then work your way up with the rest of the logs.
We are now three courses up and you can 
clearly distinguish the "Hatchet Face" pattern.
We are now into the 4th and 5th rows of logs. Leaving the opening for doors 
and windows. The new loader truck is putting up the first of the fifth row!

Sometimes when you don't have a truck, you have to put them up by hand!


Making sure the logs are going up in a straight line.
A look at the laterals of the north wall!
The front entrance is coming together as the front of the logs are starting to 
step out into a soon to be "Grand Entry"!
The top of the windows and doorways are being completed with a full log over the openings!
Looking at the overview of the wheeler point project to date.
We are now two logs over the windows getting close to running the loft joists across.
Starting to reach out a little further at the entryway!  
We are now ready to put up the loft joists!
Loft joists are set along with the entrance truss.
Setting the log purlins and ridge pole on the gable ends.
Getting a good side view of the completed log shell structure at the log yard.
Laying the tongue and groove decking across the roof.
Finishing up the cedar shake on the gable ends.
Completed exterior picture.
Interior picture of log truss.
Winter has arrived on a completed Log Home.