Heim Handcrafted Log Homes and Log Lumber

Most of Heim Log Homes are built at our log yard. Our log package contains all the logs to build the walls, loft-joists, trusses, purlins, ridge-pole, porches, second floor outdoor decks, and gable ends. We use primarily red pine and white spruce logs from the forests of Northern Minnesota. They are 12-24" in diameter. Logs are winter cut to minimize cracking, hand-peeled, fungicide-treated, and stored on skids for spring building.

Our houses are built using the scribe-fit method. They are chinkless, scarf or round notched, and they have double scribed lateral grooves. When the walls are complete, the logs are systematically number and dismantled. The logs are then loaded on semi trucks, and transported to the owner's site. Re-assembly of the walls takes from one to five days depending on the complexity of the house and layout of the site. During re-assembly, electrical raceways and boxes are cut in, allowing ample space above each and every opening for settling. Believe it or not, all log homes settle. It's part of the drying process. When the log shell is completely assembled, all top plate wall logs are flattened to the pitch of the roof, making the roof ready for tongue and groove roof decking.

It is at this point, in most of our shells, that Heim Log Homes hands the job back to the general contractor or carpenter to do the finishing work. We will be glad to recommend general contractors and sub-contractors who have finished our homes in the past (electricians, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, etc). We are very flexible as far as who we work with. If you want to act as your own general contractor and finishing carpenter, that's O.K. If you want to cut or use your own logs from your property, that can be arranged as well. Our goal is to create a custom, handcrafted log home for you and your family that will be cherished for generations to come.

Price for log home structure

28' x 32' = 896 sq. ft. x $70.00 = $62,720.00

30' x 40' = 1200 sq. ft. x $70.00 = $84,000.00

34' x 48' = 1632 sq. ft. x $70.00 = $114,240.00

These examples are priced at $70.00 per sq. ft. of the main floor. This price may range depending upon size of the home, location and floor plan.

Note: Above price does not include trucking to the homeowners building site. Approximate cost is $4.50 per loaded mile from our construction site in Kelliher (Average house is 2-3 truck loads).

Price of weathertight or a roof package will vary depending upon size, design, materials used, distance, and other options.

Weathertight package price will be contingent with pricing based on your contractor that will providing services to weathertight your Handcrafted log shell.

  • Loft areas are an option, and the price is set at $35.00 per sq. ft. of usable space.
  • Porch shell includes all logs necessary to construct porch specific to design. Priced at $30.00 per sq. ft.
  • Log Stairways and Railing are dependant on the build and dimensions. Average is $3,000
  • Crane cost is also dependant upon location, size of crane, and amount of hours to reassemble home on permanent foundation. ($150/hour)


30x40 cabin with 1/2 loft, standard log staircase and railing on bannister. 1000 miles to site.

SHELL Main: 30x40 = 1200 sq. ft x $70/sq foot = $ 84,000 Loft: 30x20 = 600 sq. ft x $35/sq foot = $ 21,000 Log Staircase with landing = $ 4,000 Cedar Log Railing ($65/lin foot) = $ 3,200 Trucking 500 miles x $4.50 = $2,250 per load x2 loads = $ 4,500 Crane service based on 30hrs @ $150 = $ 4,500 Total................................................ $121,200

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