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Larson Hide-Away Project
This project is a 36x26 log cabin with traditional log ends and will have a half loft. 


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Getting started, here we have laid the first rows of logs.
It is important to put the biggest logs down first and
then work your way up with the rest of the logs.
Arial view of the cabin.
Log walls fully erected lason_017.jpg (16840 bytes)
South View larson_022.jpg (15002 bytes)
Close up of the entrance larson_023.jpg (14056 bytes)
Setting the loft joists and getting ready for trusses, 
purlins and the ridge pole.
larson_027.jpg (20516 bytes)
The Finished Entrance Larson_Hideaway_009.jpg (20593 bytes)
Web Truss in living room Larson_Hideaway_010.jpg (19998 bytes)
Cedar Railing on Balcony Larson_Hideaway_015.jpg (20945 bytes)
Finished Log shell package Larson_Hideaway_014.jpg (36719 bytes)
Finished loft area complete with cedar log railings Reassembly__ 001.jpg (39018 bytes)
Reassembly__ 009.jpg (39936 bytes)
Finished weather tight package Reassembly__ 003.jpg (58583 bytes)
Reassembly__ 005.jpg (70793 bytes)
Reassembly__ 004.jpg (58926 bytes)
Finished 009.jpg (56670 bytes)