What Makes Us Better


Finely Crafted ~ Naturally Elegant

I built my handcrafted log home for the
unique qualities only achieved with handcrafted logs, the massiveness, spaciousness, non-uniformity and coziness. I discovered that living in a handcrafted log home is a way of life that is free from the echoes of sheetrock, free of the strong adhesive odors that come from multiple sheets of plywood, styro-foam, chipboard, and synthetic paneling. Rather, we are surrounded by the warm glow and rich aroma of natural wood. There is an atmosphere of
comfort, charm, pleasure, and peace of mind.

I have said it over and over again. A finely built, handcrafted log home is absolutely the ultimate home to live in. It will not go out of style and it appreciates in value. It cannot
be compared to a home of conventional construction.
Every log is unique in shape, size, surface, and color.
Every corner notch and lateral groove is fit by hand.
The combination of natural beauty and fine craftsmanship makes each wall a work of art and each house a masterpiece. Heim Log Homes will gladly build your dream home for you, and only you.

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