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Log staircase

Accented Garage


In addition to round log construction, Heim Log Homes offers architectural log accents for conventional construction as well as commercial and residential buildings.

Accents may include: log stairways, railings, log trusses, ridge poles, and purlins supported by log posts or conventional wall framing; vertical log support posts in a room instead of steel post; exposed log beams in ceilings; and log corner posts and veneer siding on conventionally framed dormers and gable ends.

These accents can be incorporated during new construction or during remodeling of old construction.


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Unique Benches great for your lake cabin or nestled in the woods around a camp fire. Beautiful interior bar stools can be custom made along with decorations to match your Heim Log Home interior. log_benches2.jpg (11209 bytes)
log_benches1.jpg (9828 bytes)



Imagine yourself sleeping in a hand-hewed log post bed!! Each log accent is unique in itself and adds character to any bedroom.

log works_ 001.jpg (42671 bytes)  log works_ 002.jpg (40760 bytes)  log works_ 003.jpg (44487 bytes) Log Bed

Unique Mail Box Posts

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Log Bar Stools

Sofa Tables

Sofa Table
Log Bench

Log Bar Stools

Log Bar Stools

Log Sofa Table

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Interior Decorative Accents

Restaurant Booths booths 001.jpg (41822 bytes)

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Home Show Booth __01 003.jpg (51596 bytes)

We can also give your other construction projects a taste of Heim Log Homes with corner log accents and gable accents.